Friday, November 16, 2007


Never post when drunk. That is the thing. That's why I just deleted the most important and poignant blog post that has ever been posted in the history of important and poignant blog posts.

I nailed it on love and friendship and the fleetingness of life and the lessons to be learned from death. Seriously, people would be leaving comments like good post dude - you clearly understand shit.

So when I sober up I'll tell you what this post is all about... provided I've left some indication somewhere that will enlighten me about what the hell I am talking about.

So there.

At least I wasn't rude to moths and didn't swear too much.

Happy motherfuckers?

PS: A nice thing happened to me today. A good and nice thing. Will tell you about it later.


Kathryn said...

Please put up the Important Post. I need something to read. :)

Viki said...

Wow, that's cryptic.

bohémienne said...

Sheesh. If you wrote such a poignant post, why is it now gone???? Sober up, man.

quick said...

Woke up this morning with that feeling... shit - did I write something really embarrassing when I was drunk last night and post it on my blog?

I was very relieved that I had the sense to delete it. Can't even remember fully what it was but I think I was being a bit maudlin.

Kathryn said...

Oh the horrors of drinking and blogging. Been there. Just hide the computer before drink is consumed.