Sunday, November 18, 2007

"You're so bumbling you should have been British."

A friend who knows me quite well said the bumbling line in a lovely and too rare phone conversation. Real voice action... phwoar.

I think she came to that conclusion as I was telling her about the meeting with the editor of the Big Magazine (shut it Bird - I know you came to that conclusion a long time ago).

Anyway, I told her about the train stations and how I sat on the train being astonished by all the extra train stations I had forgotten about. This is all the more bumbling because it is my old train line. The trip took twice as long as I'd allowed for. Then getting lost... a whole suburb in the suburbs I thought I knew so well.

Anyway, as I said in the previous post the meeting went smoothly right until the end when it just went a bit squirmy. We stood up to leave, shook hands, thanked each other for our time. Then in a blatant attempt to show off my sweeping broad knowledge of everything I looked at the huge painting on the wall of the meeting room and said, "Ooh - is that a Miro?"

"No," the editor replied, looking suddenly like the whole smooth thing had gone out the window and now she thought I was a bit odd. "No it's not."

I spent a day in the Miro museum in Barcelona, so I know a fucking Miro when I see one.

"What?" I asked, looking down at the signature in a way that was meant to indicate that I had recognised its Miro-ness from the brush strokes themselves and not the signature. "You sure?"

"No. It's a painting."

"Yeah but... what?"

"A painting." Like she was speaking to a special person.

"Yes. Painted by Miro, I'm quite sure."

"Oh sorry - I thought you were asking if it was a mirror."

I think the lesson to be learned here is if the meeting goes well, let it rest at that and don't aim for one final, ornamental flourish.


bohémienne said...

Ha! That made me laugh aloud, at a most inappropriate moment, I might add. Yes... a good rule is 'Never make someone who may be able to do something amazing for you, look foolish.'A little wordy, but you get the idea.

Kathryn said...

That's hilarious. I wish I had that smiling lady's legs...Nice photo.

quick said...

Nicest compliment in the world, Bohemienne.

She had lovely (bright red) legs, Kat, and such a lovely smile. Think that was 18 months ago at the Miro Museum. Was a sensational day. Loved Spain a lot.

Chris Boyd said...

I wish I had those legs, too. But not in the same sense of the verb "to have" (I suspect) as Kathryn!

BTW, she doesn't seem to be enjoying your attention, Q.

quick said...

I think it was the hand on the boob that turned her smile into a grimace.