Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I'm On The Cover Of Australian Penthouse

Okay so it's not a photo of me on the cover of Australian Penthouse (man, if I looked like that I'd never leave the house... I'd just wander about all day checking me out in the mirror and pursing my lips at me and touching me on the boobies and...), but see the bit that says Tragic Comedians? That's the piece I wrote for the mag. So. There you go. I'm on the cover of Penthouse.

And here is the piece. Probably not the funniest thing I've written, but hell, it doesn't get much sweeter than being paid to write a bit of silly. Especially when the research part involved me watching and reading these guys and laughing my arse off.


Kathryn said...

Brilliant! I love them all. Especially Peter Sellers. That~s fucking hilarious. This means more funny in Penthouse for you, yeah? :)

quick said...

Funny, Kat - you're the second person to mention the Peter Sellers bit as their fave. And he was the one I initially didn't want to do but the one the editor insisted I do.

Hope it means more funny for me in Penthouse.

Y said...

Great to finally be able to read it :) Yairs, John Belushi and Peter Sellers are my favourites.

quick said...

Glad you enjoyed, Y. Thinking about it, I probably did snortle most when doing the Peter Sellers bit... but I had this kind of warm thing going with Lenny and Bill. It would have been cool to know them both (whereas Peter Sellers, forget it). Bill especially seemed good.

Leftyshu said...

Very nice:)
Any thoughts on George Carlin? I think he fits in with this bunch just fine.