Sunday, March 23, 2008

Regen Vs Degen

I'm not where I was supposed to be this weekend. I was supposed to be here, only two years later. I was really looking forward to this party. I wanted to plant some trees. I wanted to be outdoors at this amazing place with so many smiling party people.

The guys who organise these events grew 5,000 small trees from seeds and spent around $20,000 setting the event up, and after giving initial approval for the event, the local council backflipped at the last minute and the event had to be canceled. International DJs and live PAs had been booked, plans had been made... 5,000 trees would have been planted, Goddamnit.

It sounds a bit conspiracy theory (but also not), but apparently there's a tactic they use in the USA where authorities give initial approval for outdoor events, allow the promoters to invest all their time and energy, then pull the plug at the last minute. Do that a couple of times and most promoters go broke. I spoke to one of the promoters of this event and he said in hindsight that's exactly what it felt like had happened. And he said it will work because he can't keep doing this. But he said he will organise an event to make sure the trees go in the ground, it will just be without the party element.

I don't know exactly what the issues were that went against this event - one that has been going now for about four years without any hitches at all. I do know that local businesses have lost income. And I do know that issues of safety and evacuation were raised but representatives of the event were not allowed to speak at the meeting to defend the safety precautions the promoters have in place.

It's hard not to believe that we are looking at a crackdown on outdoor events of this nature. If there were real and justifiable safety concerns, why were they not raised earlier. It's the initial approval/last minute disapproval that's so suspicious. Not to mention plain spiteful. There were no sponsors involved, all the funds came out of the pockets of hard-working individuals trying to do a good thing.

The international DJs will get a chance to play tonight. A club was hastily booked as a bit of a fund-raiser to cut the losses the promoters have so unfairly incurred. It will be a good party, no doubt... but we just wanted to be outside with the elements and we wanted to plant some trees. What is so wrong with that?


Kathryn said...


I have a cd I really want to send you but my laptop has decided to die on me. Fucker. It's brand new. Macs are cool my ass. As soon as I can revive the expensive piece of shite, I'll make the cd and send it down under. :)

quick said...

I will look forward to that. Thank you :)

I managed to write an Acid Tongue for 3D which vented all over Goulburn Council. Doesn't really achieve anything but at least a few people who weren't aware of what happened know about it. It was a major bummer. (But a killer weekend regardless... God i hurt).

Guyana-Gyal said...

I don't understand that bit about wanting a promoter to go broke...

quick said...

If local councils or the police don't want outdoor parties to be held - and plenty don't - the easiest way to make sure promoters stop applying for council permission is to send them broke. promoters like the people behind this one just can't keep losing money like this. If it were simply a group of people planting trees most likely it would have been fine, but evil dance music is involved, so it's a whole different ballgame.yet to be proven that this is what happened, but it definitely isn't the first time something very similar has happened.