Thursday, January 29, 2009

Couple of Exodus Shots and The Day Of Hate

The shots from the Exodus part of the trip just aren't as colourful as the Rainbow ones. Still, here are a few random shots. This is the swimming hole at the new Exodus site. If Rainbow had such a waterhole, it would be perfection. There's even a waterfall up behind the rocks. Great way to unwind and get rid of some of the dancefloor dust.
A few people went a bit mudnuts at Exodus. These mudwomen just casually made their way down to the main stage, had a bit of a mudboogey, then went back to the mud pit. Very funny. Very doof.
A random shot of the trance stage. The crowd on the main stage ebbed and flowed but the trance stage rarely stopped stomping.
One of the acts that did really get the main stage going was Deya Dova. Think I've raved enough about that act. Do go see them live if you ever get the chance.

And you know what I just realised? The Dreaded One and I drove over 4,000 kilometres and absolutely nothing went wrong. Nothing. We didn't get lost (except briefly when trying to get out of Melbourne), we didn't have any arguments (just the standard ones when I get grumpy setting up and pulling down the tent because where in the hell are my tent minions?), there were no physical injuries... oh wait on - the back injury in the toilet near Lismore and the self inflicted black eye whilst nana napping... but other than that, nothing bad happened. Which sucks. No funny stories.

There was The Day Of Hate at Exodus. Started off with a friend with a three year old darling little girl. The father was setting up his tent and said to the little girl, "Just go and play with Lee for a bit until I set the tent up and find you someone younger to play with. The little girl replied with fierce petulance, "NO! I hate him!"

I was devastated. The father reassured me by telling me that it's nothing to worry about because she tells him that she hates him all the time. Thing was, he has a history with her. He's probably given her loads of reasons to hate him. I was only meeting her for the second time. What's to hate about me? She didn't have to adore me, but why hate me?

Later that weekend... I'd had a brief chat with a doof woman, bit of a laugh, all sweet. Later I saw the same woman sitting by herself so I thought I'd sit down and say hello.

"Okay if I sit here?" I asked.


She didn't appear to recognise me, so I said, "We had a brief conversation this morning -"

"Oh yes? And how was that experience for you?"

I was a bit taken aback by the slight edge in her tone.

"It was fine," I told her. "Quite pleasant. I just thought I'd say hello."

I should have bailed during the ensuing silence.

"My name is Lee, by the way," I soldiered foolishly on.




"Wot? Why do you keep saying Universe at me?"


"I told you, it's Lee."

"My name. It's Universe. Duh."

(She didn't actually say duh but she may as well have.)

"Oh. I see. I didn't understand but I do now..."

Another pause in which I should have gotten the hell out of there.

"So... That sure is an interesting name, Universe. Did you choose it yourself or did your parents - "

"Look, I don't know. Why did your parents call you Lee, Lee?"

I couldn't believe it. I'd just sat down to say hello.

"Look," Universe snapped, "I'm going to get some water!" And she stood up, oozing anger, which made me angry too.

"Oh yeah? Well I'm going over there to sit under that tree all the way over there!"

And with that we stormed - stormed off in opposite directions. Two complete strangers with no reason whatsoever to have the shits with each other.

Like, I don't know. How does shit like that happen? Funny as hell.


Kathryn said...

Hmm, that sounds so odd. The Universe bit, I mean. The 3 year-old bit I totally get because kids are dumb like that. Maybe you caught Miss Universe in a bad moment but it still doesn't excuse her for acting like a mean weirdo when you were clearly trying to be nice. Huh. That's a bit stumpifying.

By the way, I like the trance tent photo.

Dina said...


The second woman seems a bit nuts. Or maybe she's had an awful life and likes to take it out on people she's just met.

The child who hates you...reminds me of this little girl that was in my preschool class. I think one time she sat down, missed the chair, and fell. And I guess she blamed me for the accident? Because after that, she always hated me.

I have a feeling the child you met is just dramatic and likes to use the word "Hate".

Y said...

I'd hate to be hated by a child. But then again, they probably don't realise how potent the word is. It could well have been any any other arbitrary word to them. Like pretzel. I pretzel you, Lee!

How annoying to think that the Universe hates you too. Stuff you, Universe!

Lee said...

I was really not bothered by either episode. In fact what I've written here has been tweaked for my first Grumpy column of the year. I thought it was all pretty damn funny.

And yeah, I really should have left Universe alone. Sometimes we just want a bit of alone time.

And I really was saying 'wot' and not 'what', so I probably did sound like exactly the kind of idiot you don't want to be having a conversation with when in a certain mood.

meva said...

Kidlets have no idea what 'hate' means, so I'd be fine with being hated by a kid who's dad was trying to get her out of his hair.

I think I'm in love with Universe, though. How is it possible to be so shamelessly unpleasant to someone else? I'd love to try to disarm her, but I just know I'd fail.

Lee said...

Universe was okay, Meva. I think I just intruded on her alone time. I think I was a bit clumsy. And at the end of it, very fucking amused.