Thursday, January 01, 2009


Nothing sadder
Than the genuine happiness
Brought about
By the distant glimpse
Of a beautiful thing.

Saw the fireworks in Sydney up close and personal again and they reminded me of my grandmother. She used to get such happiness out of seeing the fireworks, completely missing the fact that our suburban home was just within distant vision of the fireworks... she was always so happy having seen them and we, her grandchildren, thought this was what it meant to' see the fireworks.'

I don't know. You need to hear the boom. You need to see the colour exploding all around you. You need to smell of the burn in the air. You need to be closer to beautiful things.

She was happy with her distant glimpse. I think that's a bit sad.


Dina said...

I'd probably be like your grandmother.

I just can't manage to get myself to understand the thrill of fireworks. We go to Disney World which has fireworks coming out of their ass. I never want to go to the actual show. I see little glimpses from where I am.

Maybe one day I'll understand what's so great about fireworks.

No. I doubt it.

Y said...

I grew up playing with fireworks every Chinese New Year, before they banned them. Then when we came to Sydney, fireworks were always viewed on TV, or from the distance, where you could see and hear the faint boom from our house. That alone was enough for me. Never quite understood the attraction otherwise.

Happy 2009!

Lee said...

But both of you are jaded by overexposure. As far as I know my grandmother never experienced the Sydney fireworks up close. She could have jumped on a train and at least once enjoyed the full experience, but each year she stood outside and watched them from a great distance.

Kathryn said...

Fireworks are fantastic!! I can't get enough of 'em. I love the colors, the smell, the oohs and ahhs they elicit from me. There is something lovely and inexplicable about fireworks. They make me happy.

Lee said...

I agree, Kat. They are visual art. They are a thrill. They are like dancing - fleetingly wild fun.

Best seen up close.