Friday, April 24, 2009

An Apology...

... to the guy who asked me if I had any pingers when I was eating a nice pie in Kings Cross a couple of weeks ago. Not sure why you asked me, not sure why I said with such confidence, "Go to The Bourbon. There are people there."

Pretty sure I knew why your eyes lit up so quickly. Sorry about that.

Sorry about the disappointment, but fuck it dude, I was enjoying my pie. I needed you to be not talking to me about pingers when I was trying to enjoy my pie.

(I can't tell - was that a nice story? I think it was a nice story. Then again, I'm in a late night mood).


Pure Gin! said...

was it a "Pie Face" pie? That name had me cracking up every time we passed one. pie face. pffft

Y said...

Ah, you're so funny, Lee! Some might even say, Typical! after a comment like that, but I think there's nothing typical about you!

Kathryn said...

Oh, the sweet poor pinging bastard. He was so happy. I do wonder what happened once he got there, though. Do you think he yelled it out like the other one? Weirdos.

Margarita Milonguita said...

What's a pinger? You sure he wasn't asking for a dinger?

Lee said...

It totally was a Pie Face pie. Haha. Mine was steak and tomato chutney and it was bloody nice.

Oh stop it Y. If I was really funny I would have given him the reply I thought of about two minutes later, which was, "Ask the bouncers at the Bourban - they've got loads of pingers for sale. Especially the big Islander guy called Cedric."

The look on his face haunts me to this day, Kat. I'm actually glad I didn't tell him to ask the bouncers.

And the guy yelling out for drugs was hilarious. Guy comes walking up from the DJ booth yelling over the top of the music, "I want drugs! Has anyone got any drugs? I want drugs!"

I tapped him on the shoulder and said, "You're under cover, aren't you."

He laughed and started shouting, "I'm undercover and I want drugs!"

I know what a pinger is, MM, but I don't know what a dinger is. What the hell's a dinger?