Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Mysterious Fogman

Catching a cab home from The Big Pointy Building last night just before midnight, I saw a group of four people who struck me as kind of odd. They were walking purposefully down MacQuarie Street looking really outdoorsy. They were rugged up against the cold and had gear slung over their backs. First thing I thought of was hikers. Travellers with all the right gear. Obviously backpackers, but why were they sightseeing at this time of the night. They could have just stepped off the plane and be heading to their hostel, such was their look, but there was no hostel around. Just the harbour and The Big Pointy Buidling. I watched them walk by as we sat at the traffic lights and just thought there was something odd about them.

This morning I read a story about a 26 year old guy who was caught climbing the sails of The Big Pointy Building at about one o'clock this morning. Aha. Mysteryy solved. If only I'd been more on the ball I could have given the police a tip off and nipped their little criminal adventure in the bud.

But I wasn't on the ball. I was suddenly distracted by something as I watched them through the passenger window. My window was misting up. It was cold outside and I'd been working pretty hard. I watched my window as it grew increasingly difficult to see through. Then I looked at the front windscreen. The fog was creeping across the front now. I started to feel a little embarrassed about it. It just kept covering the windscreen millimetre by millimetre. I willed it to stop before it moved across to the driver's side but it just flippped me the bird and continued on its merry way. I was really embarrassed but also a little impressed.

Eventuallly the driver, unable to see very well through the by now totally fogged up windscreen, wound down one of the rear windows to let some cold air into the cabin.

"I'm sorry about that," I told the driver.

"It's okay."


"It's like I'm Fogman."

"Who is Fogman?"

"The Mysterious Fogman. He fights crime. He uses fog to... never mind. I'm just making it up."

"Oh. Okay."


Kathryn said...

I probably would've pulled the snuffled giggles out if I were there.

Pure Gin! said...

That cabby should feel honoured to have had you, fogman in his cab.

Lee said...

If that had happened, Kat, it would have really set me off...

"Who's Fogman?"

Silent laughter from the other back passenger seat. Deep breath from me to stifle the laughter.

"Who's Fogman? Why he's the most mysterious of this city's crime fighters. Fog is his superpower. Evil-doers everywhere fear the fog of Fogman."

"Oh yeah? That a fact?"

Silent hysteria and knee slapping in the back seat.

"It's a fact. Fogman brings down thick fog to befuddle and confuse

Meh. I've lost it. It's not as funny as the who was on the phone incident, but I do like Fogman.

If you draw a picture of the superhero Fogman, Gin, I would like to see it.