Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Quick 2011

Fiction has just come back to me. My character, Quick... he's alive.

I'm three days into the second chapter and all good. One thousand words a day. Modest start, I know, and I will ramp it up (I think the published short story that is now the first chapter is 5,000 words). I wasn't sure I wanted to get back to this but I am really enjoying it. And I think it's good. I think I once did 5,000 words in one sitting, but I think 1,000 is a good minimum. Anything over that once I get rolling will be sweet.

Am enjoying the style. Not a style I've fully explored before. Stay tuned.


Guyana-Gyal said...


This is what I need to get me going too. I want to do 'creative non-fiction' though.

What do you mean, you weren't sure you wanted to get back to this? Nah, nah, you're sure. You love it! You're a born writer. When you get published and famous, you must remember how I told you all this :-D

Lee said...

You are funny, GG.

You kind of do creative non fiction on your blog, don't you?

I really wasn't sure about fiction because I got sick of the rejection letters. Really tired of them so it was easier to give up.

And frustratingly I sent the first chapter to an agent (the already published short story) and they said it's not for them. Here we go again...

I'm hoping I'll just keep writing it because it's fun and then I'll see what happens.

Guyana-Gyal said...

One day, when I'd gotten really disheartened, I googled writers who are now successful but had been rejected in the past [well, a shortened version of that].

I was quite surprised by what I discovered.

Remember the Beatles were rejected by every producer in town.

Lee said...

I understand that that's how it works, GG. It's just that for a while there it looked like I'd gotten through the rejection phase. Had years of it, then won the award and had a few short stories published, then others just as good kept being rejected and it gets tiresome. Or tiring. Especially when so many of the rejections were positive it was just that my timing was wrong. Or two out of three editors of one mag loved the story but the third was unsure and their policy is the decision has to be unanimous. Very frustrating.

I will push on with the novel though, because you never know. I do feel that it's good, if a little different for an Australian crime novel.