Monday, July 17, 2006

Ooh La La

Jesus in a G-string, what a hangover. Not sure how it happened, but I'm so hungover that I can barely raise the back of my hand to my forehead and moan in pain. My toenails even feel hungover. Spectacular.

I've been neglecting the trip photos, so here's this. It doesn't really capture the essence of Brighton or anything, but Brighton is where it was taken, and it does amuse me.

When we were in Spain people kept asking to have their photo taken with The Dreaded One and me... well it was just her they wanted their photo with, they just included me so as to not hurt my feelings.

On her way into the Opera House where she works as a chef, a group of traveling Americans did the same thing. THEN yesterday when leaving the supermarket apparently some woman who now owns The Kirk (an old church that used to be owned by a certain Madame Lash) ran after The Dreaded One and asked her to be involved in a regular Burlesque show she runs. The show is called Circus Burlesque Erotic.

I'm living with a damn celebrity. And a future erotic burlesque performer. You can't blame the woman for asking The Dreaded One to be involved. I mean, look at her. She just oozes eroticism.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, all that red and purple, tres erotique.

Aren't you just the jealous one, envying your partner her celebrity status.

Speaking of celebrity, when I was in oz, a Turkish woman and her daughter asked me if it was okay to ask my guy for his autograph. I said, "Him?!? His autograph?!?? His?!!?" They backed away.

To this day I wonder who they took him for. He was wearing a hat and sunnies.

Zoomfreaky said...

Mmm Quick...a very flattering photo indeed.
Nice to see the dreaded one in full colors, I was getting quite curious. Never mind those people, to give your ego a boast... if people see you walking next to someone interesting, they almost surtainly assume you are too. I saw your photo the other day, think you two make a handsome couple.
Ehhh but are you still in Spain or are you back down under? Because it's blazing hot down here.

Quick said...

Not jealous GG, just amused.

Your story reminds me of when in Turkey at a pension, a hilariously drunk Japanese tourist enterred the living room and kept pointing me out to her boyfriend and saying "Bra Pee! Bra Pee!" I had no idea what she was on about until a Canadian drawled from the back of the room, "She thinks you're Brad Pitt."

Saw friends recently who I hadn't seen since Turkey and they were all "Look - Bra Pee!"

Ah if only the resemblance were vaguely there.

Thanks Zoomy... my take on the walking next to someone interesting thing is that that's the reason they are asking for their photo taken with The Dreaded One :)

I'm not in Spain, am back in Oz. It's rainy and cold, but still a pretty cool place to be.