Monday, July 24, 2006

Sub Woofing

Glancing in the mirror this morning I noticed something weird about my left eyebrow. There was a gap. I vaguely remembered deciding that I really must trim my eyebrows now even though it was late at night and I was a liddle dwink 'n wobbly. Lesson learned (for now).

The theme of the weekend was "Not Clubbing." I recall a lot of time spent talking to people about how we're over clubbing and happy to move on to new things. Some of these people were in my clubbing clothing shop buying tickets to a party that was on that night, and our conversation was largely about which parties we were particularly looking forward to going to in the coming months. Yeah, never going clubbing again. EVA!

Went to a club on Saturday night, the one everyone had been buying the tickets to. Fucking funny. Put a bunch of psytrancers in a city club that usually plays R&B and it tweaks everyone's brain into overload. I was straight but had fun, got told that I have always been a moody bastard once, got hugged & handshook a nice amount of times, explained to a friend that the wet patch on my pants (spilled drink) was a result of my vibrating testicles... I forgot to explain to her that the joke was that when I was standing in front of the speakers the bass was so intense it was making my testicles vibrate, but that's okay because she just about fell on the floor laughing anyway ("I dunno how the wet patch got there. My testicles were vibrating and then there was a wet patch."). Someone who I didn't know told me that if I ever need LSD to just give him a call any time... needless to say, I don't have his number, never had his number, would never call his number if I had it.

Anyway, so that's me not clubbing.

Main thing that haunts me is that a person turned up who I hadn't seen in ages. Lovely person, but I just couldn't recall why I needed to have talked to her more. I only remembered this morning that we had a chat about a year ago and she had said she was actually giving up the clubbing thing to focus on producing music. She was a DJ who felt lost, creatively. I'd been saying that I also need to put more effort into creative stuff. She left that day saying that we should hook up a year from now and see how we're going on the creative front.

The clubbing/doofing scene can be so transient. The fact that we saw each other and didn't have that chat... the fact that in that 12 months I left my job and that stuff has slowly moved in another direction... crap. Wish it had all come back to me immediately, but it didn't. Hope I catch up with her again soon.

Meantime, if you have testicles, introduce them to a speaker stack. It's nice.


Guyana-Gyal said...

I used to go clubbing every Friday and Saturday for about two years straight, when I lived in Jamaica. Then I took up hiking and needed my sleep.

Oh shoots, the word verification is 'upees.'

Quick said...

Yes, clubbing does tend to interfere with sleep patterns, doesn't it.

i would love to be able to say that my word verification is downees, but alas it is oifyxn