Monday, July 31, 2006

The Sydney Season Of Varekai Has Been Delayed

Funny. Deleted my previous post after a couple of days. I was being a self-pitying, whining little bitch. It was embarrassing. How cool would it be if you could do that with life, just delete the bad or embarrassing bits? That would be cool indeed. But you can't, so it's better to focus on the good bits, innit.

Wrote this on the weekend. Some reviewers seem to relish doing scathing reviews; I find it hard. Not that I needed to be scathing with this one, it wasn't that bad. But it is on the negative side. Weird thing about this performance is that I haven't read any other reviews of it. I usually check them out after writing mine to see if I got it badly wrong, but there's nothing, as far as I can see.

Also, I got a media invite to go to the raising of the Grand Chapiteau of Cirque du Soleil yesterday. They said the date may change and I didn't hear from them, so either it went up in spite of my absence or it's been delayed. Personally I like to think that everyone was milling about for a while before the announcement: "Look, sorry about this everyone. Thanks for coming and everything, but it looks like Quick isn't going to make it. He must be... I don't know, rescuing orphans from burning orphanages or saving whales or something. You know what he's like. Anyway, thing is, we're going to have to delay the setting up of Cirque du Soleil until he can make it. We'll get in touch with him, find out when it's convenient for him and we'll let you know. All right? Thanks everyone."

The deal was that media people get to stand inside the giant blue and yellow tent wearing hard hats while the riggers hoist the the thing. Like, did that excite the little boy in me? Fuck yeah. I mean, a hard hat! Too cool.


Amra Pajalic said...

Love the delete button. Want it in life. I've done that too. Feels sooo gooood.

Quick said...

I want a delete button almost as much as I want to wear a hard hat.