Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Play Update

The bit at the top of this blog about seeing funny shit in almost anything hints at the kind of therapy (if that's not too strong a word) that this blog is meant to be. Ideally I want to look around at the big and small hings that happen in my world and focus on the light side. Feels a little lame when all this stuff in the Middle East is breaking out. We are the most retarded species ever.

Still, the small and funny things are... small and funny I guess. And hopefully that's how my play will turn out. I was supposed to write up the story about the David Hicks theatre performance today, but the director is stressing and doesn't have time for any more press. Understandable, but a little inconvenient when I've promised a half page story to the mag by tomorrow. I'm now focusing on the choreographer instead and think it will be fine. The new publicist is really lovely and kept apologising for things not working out as they should have, and she laughed when I said I never expect things to work out as they should. It's not being pessimistic, more just falling back on the wise words of the great Douglas Adams who said, "Don't Panic." He was also pretty memorable in his views of deadlines when he said, "I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."

Anyway, material is coming back from the choreographer tomorrow so I decided to have another stab at the short play. Went back to where I thought it was falling over, cut into it, changed course and new stuff emerged that had me laughing out loud. This is a good sign. First draft down, I decided to check out the list of tips the Short & Sweet competition organisers offer (yeah yeah, should have done that first but that's not how I work. I love doing things like this on instinct).

Anyway, all seems good. There's not one of their recommendations I go against, which still doesn't mean it's in, but it's a good sign. That and the fact that there were fine droplets of laughspittle on the screen during writing bodes well. And I'm glad The Dreaded One was undwerwhelmed with the previous version. Wonder what her reaction to this version will be like.

I still have 10 days to tinker, but I don't think it will take that long. If I can enter it early, I might even try banging out another. It's fun.

Ooh - and drop by tomorrow. I got my hair cut today at The Gayest Hairdressing Salon In The Known Universe and it was very funny.


Guyana-Gyal said...

So do you now look even more like Bra Pee?

I think like most folks, I can't take in anymore of the violence in the Middle East. There's a point where the mind says, enough. It's not that we don't care, it's just this feeling of helplessness.

I can't wait for the grand finale of zee play...

Quick said...

Nothing like Bra Pee at all. Less so now that my hair has grown back and my facial stubble has gone.

Play - it's just a little thing, although the possibilities of making it a full length are definitely there. If it makes it into the comp, I'll post it here.

Gab said...

I often find amusement in small things (hmm, small things amuse small minds? Bah!)

For instance, yesterday I sent a text message to a mate concerning a saucy book we've both recently read. I relayed a couple of racy passages and gave my own lewd commentary. Got a strange reply from my mate along the lines of "was this message meant for me?"

Thinking i was having my leg soundly pulled, i replied with a double helping of sauce “…he pressed me into the wall, and kissed me. Morelli was off-duty and the only weapon he was carrying was pressed into my stomach” haha!

The reply beeped through moments later “I’m confused, who is this? I thought this phone belonged to Richo”

Whoops! The trials and tribulations of owning a hand-me-down phone eh! Take note peeps - delete all your numbers before passing on your old phone!