Monday, August 14, 2006


I haven't been excited about a telly show for ages, but the new Ricky Gervais series Extras sounds good. Anyone seen it? It starts in Sydney on Wednesday. Should be fun.

Also, I read a review about this show and the writer was going on about the viciously cruel humour and everything, kind of saying that it's so ground-breaking. I dunno. For the style it is, I recall Best In Show and Waiting for Guffman. That squirmy'because-it's-true style of comedy.

Still, I'm sure it's going to be funny.


oe said...

I found it OK, worth a watch. It's more of the same pity-empathy, but The Office it ain't.

Quick said...

I guess part of the reason I am looking forward to it is that I've done a fair bit of extras work and have never met an extra who thinks they are any more than a blur in the background... oh once there was some tragically funny background overacting.

Yes, The Office was excellent.

Margarita Milongita said...

It's fabulous. The one with Kate Winslet is killer. My friend's brother got it over the internet a few months ago.. you should enjoy it. Same kind of humour- makes you laugh while you cringe!

Quick said...

Based on your opinion, Margarita Milongita (I love saying your full name as much as an ex-workmate's name - Mirella Zanella) and the name of a DJ I once interviewed (Sally Doolally)... er, based on that opinion, I think I will enjoy it a lot.