Monday, December 11, 2006

Psytrance Makes Grumpy Happy

Following on from the last post... I picked The Dreaded One up from the Opera House at 11pm, pretty well not in the mood for driving two hours into the bush to party. She also felt like staying in, having finished a 13 hour day, and just going to the theatre company's drinks in the park the following day.

We chatted about the day over a couple of drinks, and at about 2.30 am our mood totally changed. We rang a friend to ask if she was going and suddenly it was action stations baby, doof was go.

We left at around 3am, drove to somewhere you'd never bother going under normal circumstances, arrived while it was still dark but with the hint of the light of the day ahead, and we partied. I had been worried that I was out of practice and made jokes about the need for a stomping workshop for people who had forgotten how to stomp, but stomping is like riding a log... falling off a bike... whatever it is.

Loads of laughs - especially as when I had been at the theatre on Thursday night with a friend, we'd had an earnest discussion about how there was so much more to life than partying and that we weren't going to this one because we're all grown up now and there is just plenty of other stuff to do. And she was at the party and so was I. Hopeless.

Danced like a mad fucker as the sun came up. Met a guy called Jesus. Decided he should get a T shirt made up saying "Psytrance Makes Jesus Happy." Have since decided to get a shirt made up that says "Psytrance makes Grumpy Happy." (Grumpy being one of my writing names).

Too much silliness to cover here, but there was lots of laughter, lots of dancing, some good conversation in the quiet moments. Turned into a clear, hot day shortly after I got my purple poncho from the car. Got sunburned. Producer friend turned up just as the DJ playing at the time happened to be playing his track. Excellent timing. Producer friend's smile was a high beamer.

The beauty of it all was that the party was finishing at mid-day which meant there was still time to make it back to Sydney and to the theatre company drinks in the park thing.

We were both pretty shattered but the drinks thing was still going so we grabbed some bubbles and headed back out. Most of them had gone but some of the main people were there and it was really cool to see them. I still get a good vibe from them and think they are very funny people. There is something about the British sense of humour that really appeals to me, and I was surrounded by British accents. It was getting dark and it was time to draw the curtain on the weekend. Said goodbye, was given an invitation to a house warming party which I'll probably go to next Saturday while The Dreaded One is working.

Stopped at a favourite pizza place on the way home and by the end of the pizza we were both saying very little and eating at times with our eyes closed. It is possible to sleep-eat, it would seem.

Woke up on the couch this morning feeling sore and vague, but in a good way. Will I ever grow up? Nah.


Viki said...

I'm actually pretty psyched that you did both.

There's really no need to grow up. Adultism is very boring sometimes. At least, that's what I assume.

Quick said...

It was ambitious and foolhardy and pretty typical.

Agreed on the adultism thing.