Saturday, December 02, 2006

Buns Of Steel

It is 3.30 am. I just did a stressful and strenuous 15 hour shift, and I fucking loved it. I am weary but not sleepy. I should sleep... no I am kind of sleepy... also, the job is physically... erm... physical, and as a consequence I am pretty sure I am losinh weight. I am pretty sure my utocks on the back of my bum when I look in the mirror are looking quite pert.

Ooh. The beer is a lot stronger at this time of the night. Best go.

So that's goonight from me and my amaxzingly pert buttock




Margarita Milongita said...

Were you typing drunk Lee? Or writing in drunk speak?? Or just bloody tired?
If not, I'm sending you back to school...

Quick said...

Was uber tired and got drunk quickly. intended to settle in for some me tim and catching up on a few blogs but I crashed.

gin said...

goonight :)