Thursday, May 22, 2008

Freelance Writer - Specialises In Everything

I've often thought that I'm not more successful for two reasons. I started late, and I haven't ever had a special area of interest.

It was only two years ago that I quit as music editor of a dance music mag to become some sort of freelancer. My specialty? Arts, I guess, but what the hell does that mean?

Anyway, this week I've been given no faux chefing but heaps of writing offers, and it's really quite hilarious.

I still have to write up the Bill Bailey story. I was also asked if I'm an extreme sports fan and if I'm into Shakespeare. I told the editor that I'm not an expert in either but I am intrigued by people with passion and that I'd be happy to tackle either story, fully expecting that the ski story would be given to a fully rad dude and the Shakespeare one to someone who went to university.

So it was that I found myself talking to famous extreme skier Chris Anthony (one of the stars of the new Warren Miller movie Playground) one day and actor Joe Manning who plays Horatio in the new production of Hamlet, which also stars Brendan Cowell and Barry Otto. I'm then asked if I want to do a story on a Russian play and what about an interview with a photographer who's put together an exhibition on rockabilly culture. Ooh - and can I please pop along to the theatre to review Headlock tonight. Yes yes yes, I say.

And I realised that it's true - I don't have to be en expert in any of these areas, I just have to be interested in what makes these people tick.

I've only just gotten around to adding a signature to my emails. It says:
Lee Bemrose
Freelance Writer
Performing Arts/Music/Humour
I still haven't made it a full time thing and there's still heaps to learn and a long way to go. But bugger me it's fun.


Kathryn said...

Oh YES, this is Good Stuff! How unbelievably exciting this must be. Very happy for you, Lee. (no rhyme intended)

Your interviews usually capture the heart of your subject without being too uppity, if you know what I mean.

quick said...

It's what I aim for Kat. Capture the thing but make it accessible and a fun read if possible. Too many people take it all too seriously. It's entertainment after all.

I do take it seriously though. Haven't posted the Rachel Corrie story yet. Just haven't gotten around to it. But I took that one seriously... still hope it's accessible though.

Girl Clumsy said...

Hey Quick,

Congratson your freelance work - it sounds fantastic. I think the best writers are the ones who can educate themselves. Anyone can be a specialist! ;)

I need to do more work getting some freelance jobs....

quick said...

Hello Miss Clumsy. Forgot to reply to this.

Thank you. Writing is chugging along nicely. I wish it was my full time thing but it kind of doesn't matter because I enjoy it so much. And I'm in two minds about the self-education versus outside education thing.

But I had no choice, which is why I will probably always be a bit excited that I have the opportunity to be doing what I am doing at all. It is fun. And whoever dies having had the most fun wins.