Friday, May 23, 2008

Juggling To 1200 Mics

In keeping with my taste in all things good as far as creativity goes, check this guy out. I was looking for some clips featuring the flute magic of Raja Ram from 1200 Mics and Shpongle and came across this clip, and what a little smart arse. You see this kind of thing at doofs sometimes... it's just not often this flawless. Love that he's smiling as he does it too. Fun stuff.


Kathryn said...

LOVE IT. Am jealous you found it before me! ;) Can't wait for the rest.

P.S. What a cutie that kid is.

quick said...

You are going to love 1200 Mics Live in Brazil :)

PS I was told by one of the most beautiful people who ever lived that I have a cute smile and that I have gorgeous dimples.

That line on high rotation = Ann punching me in the dimples.