Saturday, May 03, 2008


I love a whole bunch of music. Music is important to me for a range of reasons. Mostly, people can't really comprehend that I like everything from symphony to psytrance. I just like music that gets inside me and does what it's supposed to do, whether it's to make me stomp with my eyes closed or move me with its honesty.

I was sent a mix tape (mix CD?) by Randolf from Kolliope, a duo who made what's turned out to be one of my favourite albums Oracles & Glands. The compilation is brilliant and a bit spooky in that Randolf managed to pick some classic tracks that for whatever reason I don't have but should have (like California Dreaming by Mamas & The Papas), tracks by artists I love like Tom Waits (genius), as well as stuff I hadn't heard before but am totally blown away by. Like this one.

I just read that Joni Mitchell wasn't actually at Woodstock. Her manager booked her on some long forgotten television show because he thought it would be better for her career and she missed Woodstock altogether.

Still, what an awesome piece of music. What an awesome performer.


Kathryn said...

Yeah, but was she at Woodstock '99?

Just kidding.

I like Joni.

quick said...

Me too.

I got a bit distracted in reading stuff and found myself reading about Carly Simon, who I also think is great. I was so fucking amused by what a protracted joke she is having with the song You're So Vain. Been going on for decades now and it's hilarious.

Also - Burning Man 2009 has been firmly planted in the thinkerator.