Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Black Rainbow

I have this friend called Ann. You blog people know her as The Dreaded One. More and more doof people are getting to know her as Pink Fairy.

I, on the other hand, am simply known as Lee. So we often are introduced as, "This is Pink Fairy and Lee."

Which is dull.

So I've gone through a tortuous process of name selection which started with Rainbow Lee. This was obviously extremely faggy and not really an option.

So for a whole weekend I just stuck with Rainbow, but that also didn't sit right.

"What about Black Rainbow?" Black Rainbow asks Pink Fairy (because Black Rainbow always speaks in the third person).

"That's ridiculous - how can you have a black rainbow?"

"You can't," Black Rainbow retorts. "Black Rainbow is a mystery. An enigma. An optical illusion."

"You're an idiot."

"Black Rainbow is a black optical illusionistical idiot."

Much silence.

Then: "What about Grumpy Rainbow? And my logo can be the smiley face with a rainbow for a mouth. "

"That's actually pretty funny," Pink Fairy tells Black Rainbow.

"Or I can be Black Rain Bro. A black bro trapped in a skinny white boy body with, like, a penchant for rain and clouds and sunshine and the resulting pretty colours it all entails."

"Black Rain Bro is starting to sound a bit gay."

"Ok. What about Rainbow Worrier?"

"I like Grumpy Rainbow."

"Hmm. I'm kind of going for Black Rainbow. Although I just considered Invisible Rainbow. And Rainbow Thunder. Wrath of Rainbow?"

What should my hippie doof name be? Black Rainbow thinks it should be Black Rainbow. What do you think?


Kathryn said...

Oh dear. You two have definitely crossed into total hippies-burners when you have a different and whimsical name. This happens to many, many people at Burning Man. We have a good friend re-named Koko who I think would make a fantastic cult leader (he thinks so, too).

Good luck, Black Rainbow. I think I prefer the Grumpy Rainbow, though. :)

Lee Bemrose said...

Haha. This is very tongue in cheek.

One of Ann's friends christened her Pink Fairy, a name I don't really like but more and more people are using it. I chose Grumpy yeeeeears ago on a whim to use on a forum to sell a couple of tickets and it totally stuck. Ever since that day I've lamented the fact that I didn't choose something cooler... like Black Rainbow.

Black Rainbow feels sad because the name that will probably stick is Grumpy Rainbow.

Y said...

I like black rainbow. Would the rainbow for a mouth be the right side up so that it looks grumpy? Like this.. :( ? Might make a good tshirt.

Black Rainbow said...

You got it Y. I like that the merging of two happy symbols can make for a Grumpy one.

Please check out the new link in my Link Bits to Underbelly. This is an awesome arts festival that everyone should go to. Amongst other things they have something called The Repository of Discarded ideas which I think is a great concept. I have suggested a giant Grumpy Rainbow banner to them. I think they should do it.

Black Rainbow said...

(I like Black Rainbow too.. so silly).

isabelle said...

hmm, how about Indradhanush, that's totally hippy, but not quite so gay.
Or how about moonbow ?
OR even Rainbow Black ?

( hello by the way )

Black Rainbow said...

Ooh - Moonbow. Hmm.

Hello Isabelle. I almost wish this was a less silly, more poetic post. I've been enjoying your writing a lot recently and should have said hello before now. In fact, hang on...

Lee said...

Also, it's only taken me this long to find out what exactly Indradhanush means. Lovely word.