Monday, June 02, 2008

Enough Rope With Miriam Margolyes

Just watched this interview with Miriam Margolyes and Andrew Denton. What an absolutely wonderful person MM is. My God I laughed. Denton is a very good interviewer. Margolyes is absolutely your dream interviewee, isn't she?

Except that Andrew Denton has probably done the definitive interview with her. If you were given the opportunity, you just wouldn't bother. This was class.


Chris Boyd said...

Thanks for the link, Q. I've missed this twice now! (Just downloaded the audio. It will have to do.)

Given the opp, I very much hope you would bother chatting with her! So many stories... like the one in which she is conceived during an air raid. (Ask her for me: how do you know?!)

So many opinions too. Especially on America and Israel.

She's such a great listener, incidentally. Very empathetic.

Lee Bemrose said...

Hello Chris. The audio will be good but you're not going to catch the beauty (if that's the right word) of her facial contortions as she inhabits the characters she creates. Amazing. It's where Denton says something like "There wasn't a millimetre of your face that wasn't impersonating that character."

She looks like she'd be fun to hang out with. And I found her honesty about her feelings about her appearance brave and quite moving.

God bless her, I say.