Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boy And Girl

Boy says, I think it's time I set you free.

Girls says, Why?

Boy says, Your future is still bright.

Girl says, But we've always been us.

Boy says, And we could keep on being us, but without me your future is still bright.

Girl says, But...

Boy says nothing. Girl says nothing. But they know the truth.

Girl says, What will you do?

Boy says, I will smile because I know you are free.

Girl says, But what will you do?

Boy says, I will find my peace in finally not being.

Girl sheds a tear.

Boy sheds one of his own and kisses hers away.


Girl goes to her bright future.

And boy hopes she remembers him sometimes, and he hopes she smiles.


Kathryn said...

Sometimes a person has to tell another the truth. Sad, though. No matter how you slice it.

I do hope this is fiction.

quick said...

It's 3am fiction, when your mind is in overdrive and you fear mortality and know for a fact that love is not enough. Even though there was a time you swore it would be.

Boop said...

I sometimes think it wld be nice to believe even for a little while that love is enough.

Black Rainbow said...

Love is enough, Miss Boop, for a little while.