Monday, December 08, 2008

The Golden Path And New People

This clip perfectly captures my mood at the moment. I saw this clip after a big club night a while back and I thought it was such a brilliant marriage of visuals and music that I went out that day and bought the single. This was at a time I didn't have to buy music. I just loved this track immediately and had to have it. So good to rediscover stuff.

I was going to write in detail about My Saturday Faux Chefing, but I don't know that I want to go through it again. It's kind of funny, but I'm also beginning to wonder what I am doing it for.

Briefly, I started off the day waking up after a couple of double shifts (for you civilians - this means we work hard for around 15 hours without a break) and having one hour to research Eden Falk for an interview about the new Cate Blanchett play War Of The Roses. Interview went fine, had a shower and then an hour to research Amber McMahon for the same story. Ran out the door to catch the bus to the kitchen at The Big Pointy Building and hit the ground running.

I like both things. Mostly I like building stories out of these conversations. What I don't like is having that knot in my stomach because of the day ahead. The day was just a bit bigger than the team in the kitchen, even if we did pull it together in the end. There was no satisfaction in a job well done, just relief that we got through it. Too many times I thought this is simply not going to happen.

I did a wedding in The Utzon Room and had no buffer time. My fault in many ways, but it was scary. Only 70 people, but it was insane. We were finishing prepping the last of the entres as the first were going out, I dropped the ball a couple of times and was saved and I really appreciate that.

Started to calm down when after many near disasters the only thing left was to cut the wedding cake. Easy, I thought.

Then the cake came out and it was not your standard wedding cake but the prettiest, frilliest, most ornate three tiered thing you could imagine. I dismantled it, did some bodgy maths and with 20 minutes to spare went to work. Nervous sweats? Hell yeah. There was no back up cake. This was it. It was like a scene where James Bond is disarming a nuclear device with seconds to spare, but it was me and I was disarming a wedding cake.

Anyway. It was not funny. I didn't enjoy anything from the entire day except talking to Eden and Amber and planning the story.

Yesterday was different though. Remember New Person? Met her for birthday drinks. Her and her husband and some of their friends. Pub, then dub afternoon in the park, then back to ours where my wheels fell off but fuck it. Good people, these new people. There was just happiness and stumbling and talking bollocks and Viking helmets... real happiness.


Dina said...

The birthday cake situation sounds scary.

Margarita Milonguita said...

Hey Lee,
Long time no communicado.. Hope you are well. The blog is still sensational.

Y said...

During the silly season, I wonder how you manage to do it all! I'm coping - just - with having the one job!

Lee said...

It was a wedding cake, Dina, and it was pretty scary... maybe a little bit funny too. How can cake cause such stress? It's nuts.

Hello MM. Yes, this time of the year is too busy. It's nuts. (And thank you).

I know what you mean, Y. It's nuts.