Monday, December 29, 2008

Things, People & Stuff I'm Into right Now

The child ghost that haunts my home.
Road trip.
Moira Finucane.
Nick Cave lyrics.
Swan diving into the abyss.
The silver penguins when they face each other.
Rachael (who won't let me say Rachael).
Chloe, who says I love you and who I say I love you back to.
When Jude laughs at something I've said.
Smiles that burst out from within.
My camera.
Lazily caressing the back of Ann's Knees.
And a million other things, people and stuff that I appreciate even though I haven't mentioned them here just now (it's tired, people, and I'm late, okay?).


Dina said...

I like your list.

What's up with the child ghost? I'm glad you like her/him.

Lee said...

Hi Dina. I was feeling a whole lotta love, wasn't I. I should have added my friend Bek to the list, and people that I've met online who hang about and feel like friends. That's a pretty cool thing too.

Child ghost... there probably isn't actually one. I do get doors slamming at random moments on still days, and recently the modem fell off the computer late at night, again while all was still. And recently I was having one of those sleep attack where you are paralyzed but your eyes are open, and I saw this child running towards me in the house.

Also, whenever I think about this presence I get about a minute or two of all over goosebumps... like right now as I'm writing this.

If it is real, I don't think it's malevolent, just wants attention.

Y said...

Great list :)

Lee said...

A lot of it won't makes sense, Y. Like the silver penguins. (But to explain, they were given to me by a friend who I have the occasional falling out with. I turn the silver penguins back to back when we are not talking and they might stay that way for months on end, but they are facing each other now, which I like).