Friday, December 26, 2008

A New Camera

I have a new camera. I am excited because I've always wanted a good camera. I want to take lots of interesting photos with it. In fact I'm so excited about the new camera that I'd like to post a photo of it... only I can't because how do you take a photo of your new camera unless you have two cameras?

Alas, I only have one camera.


isabelle said...

you make me laugh !

( merry christmas x )

Lee said...

That makes me happy. Keep writing please. Your words make me happy.

(Merry Christmas to you too).

Y said...

Hehe What camera did you get, Lee? Couldn't you have taken a picture of it with your phone? :P

Ann said...

Don't have a camera in my phone. I could have texted you with a description though. It's a Cannon Powershot SX110S.