Monday, January 30, 2006

Silly Reasons For Traveling

As amazing as Soulclipse is going to be, a thought occurred to me today. We're going to three countries. Sounds easy when you say it like that, but there is so much involved that it does my head in... and The Dreaded One is doing most of the detail stuff. It's a slightly complicated itinerary in that we're landing in Istanbul (not a phrase I thought I'd ever be saying out loud without the intention of screwing with someone's head), making our way down to Antalya, dancing to psytrance for six days, spending a couple more days in Antalya, flying to Barcelona, doing Spanish things for two weeks, then going to the UK. There are just lots of bits involved, like how, exactly, are we making our way to the party from Istanbul? Where do we stay? Given the amount of changes of clothing I am accustomed to each day, how many camels do I book to carry my luggage? 12? 18? See what I mean? Head-fuck city, man.

And this was the thought that occurred to me: we're doing it all so that we can experience three minutes of total darkness in the middle of the day... is there a more silly reason for traveling half way around the world? We could just stay home and eat a kebab with our eyes closed and it would be the exact same thing.

Also, I had my first butterflies today, because I have no job to come back to.

I did have correspondence with a travel editor and feel that that's a shoe in (whatever 'shoe in' means), and I had contact with a dance music mag in London, kind of London version of the mag I'm at now, who are looking for sub-eds and staff writers... now that would be funny. Mainly I just want them to pay me to write about the festival. Gonna keep pestering people, because I have no freakin' job to come back to...

Oh - my feature in the glossie has been out for a week now. Once it's off the newstands, maybe I'll post it here. I have mixed feelings about it. I hope it's seen as a good story. I think it might be. Hope it's the last one of its kind that I ever write.


bee vee vee said...

OMG I'm first!!

I think getting the fuck out of dodge for awhile isn't a silly reason for travelling. Neither is going to a muslim country to take things and dance for a week.

I really am jealous and yootoo better visit me on the way back.

Quick said...

That's so cute that you are so excited about being first!

I'm glad you are first because otherwise MY post would be first, and I'm not so sure it would be considered cool to be the first to post a comment on your own thingy.

But hey - I'm 2nd!

Yeah, there's a beeveevee date in Bangkok especially for you. You better be there. I'll split whatever is left of my liver tissue with you. Let's go nuts.

Bird said...

Lee said: we're doing it all so that we can experience three minutes of total darkness in the middle of the day...


Quick said...

Yeah, we're doing the Turkey bit for the three minutes of darkness, and we're doing the Spanish bit for tapas and rioja, and we're doing the UK bit for a Devonshire tea with you at 5pm on the 17th. Ok? Ok.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Enjoy! And write lots of travel articles.

FAF said...

Hay you guys must be really trippin if you think you are travelling all the way to turkey just to experience no light for a moment or two.
I will close my eyes when your light goes out, and dream that im there too.
Im sure bee vee vee & bird will be in on that.
Enjoy you lucky bastards.

FAF said...

Cute photo bee vee vee