Monday, January 09, 2006

Sneaky Rain

Two things have gone right with this trip. One is... hang on, tree things. One was The Best Cup Of Coffee In The History Of Best Cups Of Coffee which was consumed with glee in Bellingen. The second thing was a dinner at a place in Byron called Olivio's or something. The third was a rad hair cut by a guy called Adam at a salon called Sweet & Vicious in Byron. That salon was spotted by The Dreaded One and it was a good choice. I look rad, man. Well my hair does anyway. The fourth thing... there were actually four things, but I've forgotten the fourth one.

Fucking rain all the way up the coast. Peak tourist season, didn't book accomodation because we intended to camp along the way. But the rain puts a bit of a dampener (sorry) on camping. Stayed in a shit hole sleazy shit hole of a shit hole that I wouldn't let a lonely and desperate rat stay in. Fucking hell. It had That Smell. You know That Smell. It's the smell of dingy. But the sheets were clean, there was only one cockroach and it was clearly insane and about to die anyway, so I took pity on it and encouraged it to escape Hotel Shit Hole via the door.

Oh... there was a baby bit before that. Screaming wriggler. At a restaurant. I really don't know how you breeders do it. In fact I said to the father of the wriggler, "I couldn't do it, the kid thing. Just couldn't do it." He smiled and replied, "You just do it, mate."

He was right. I could do it. I just would. I'd take the kid's shit and do the right thing because that's the only option. What I should have said, and what I meant, was that I don't ever want to do it.

More rain. Loads of rain. Arsehole truckies, torrential rain, the assurance that the doof we are heading to is inland and therefore somehow blessed with Dry. I wanted Dry. I also wanted Dry for the doof but made the mistake of buying a six pack of Steinlager instead of Toohey's Extra Dry, and that was a mistake, as I said. Bloody Kiwis. Best beer in the world? Pfft.

Headed out to doof in the rain. Sooo much rain. Reaaly crap crap rain. weird to go from a 45 degree New Year's Day in Sydney to soo much rain. Got to the doof site (there was lots more shit to deal with but I am in a hurry and am typing this as fast as I can because I know you are all worried about me and thinking, "Gee, wonder how Quick is going on hi road trip.") and it was beautiful and everything, but there was just so much rain. Set the tent up in the rain by the side of a dry creek bed with one or two shallow water holes. Hit the dancefloor when everything was finally set up. The rain eased and we even saw stars for a while, which gave us hope.

Then It really rained. The sky kind of went, "You think that was rain? Huh. Wait till you get a load of this." Then it really did its thing. It does its thing in spectacular style.

Lots happened involving dancing and water and mud and mayhem that was really an extraordinary amount of fun, but it rained all night and after something like 15 hours (gotta check on this, but I am sore enough) of dancing in the mud I realised that the dry creek was a rapidly-rising river of fast moving water. Party was suposed to go until 6pm whatever yesterday was, but the music shut down at 2pm, and there was a silent vibe (had gone back to the tent to thaw out, and I was getting very concerned about our close proximity to the ever-rising river). Word was sent out and yep, had to bail because the rain was going to continue and we had to get out while we still could.

Interesting drive back to a place called Bangalow where we were a little numb and dazed and strange having crossed rivers and driven through the hardest rain we'd driven through. This time three of us in ANOTHER shitty hotel room. No neurotic cockroaches to report though.

Slept like three babes.

Made it to the Gold Coast.

Rain is predicted until Friday, when it turns sunny for the weekend. We are leaving on Thursday night. Perfect.

Also, my 'recently updated blogs' thing is shit - it hasn't changed in months. And my profile check bit is still stuck, this time on 109 instead of 88. And I can't access this stupid counter site to see who has been visiting and what they (you) have been reading.

Crap crap crap.

Incidentally, I wouldn't have missed that doof for anything. So much fun and silliness. I have taken photos of my toes with mud on them. I also have photos of my weird new do. It's weird.

Can't be arsed proofing this. Gotta go eat things.

Also, it's not raining in Surfer's Paradise right now, but it's humid, and humidity is like sneaky rain. I don't like rain anymore. It's evil.

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