Sunday, March 05, 2006

Groovy Shoes

Holy crap. Two weeks from now we'll be in Istanbul. How weird is that?

Also, I will be unemployed. But the glossie that I did a feature for last month has commissioned me to write another feature. Apparently, I rock. Yeah.

Also also, The Dreaded one and I went to the tent place to buy a tent and sleeping bags today, and I walked out with shoes. No tent, just shoes. They are groovy shoes. We do have to get the tent thing sorted though. Shoes are all well and good, but the Soulclipse Festival is a six day party, and a tent is reasonably important.

However, they are very groovy shoes. Groovy shoes make me happy.

I have to go and eat lasagne now. What are you eating for your next meal?


Bird said...

I had roast beef and yorkshire puds earlier and I just had loads of hummus and corn chips and then drank some kombucha stuff and I don't think it was a good mix. I feel a bit weird.

Boy Wonder said...

I'm so Uncle Toby's musesli bar.

Quick said...

I just ate a cold pork chop for an afternoon snack. I think you're supposed to have things like apples for afternoon snacks. I think maybe I am turning into Homer Simpson. Just before I said that I think my brain has already boarded a plane and left for Turkey... stoopid brain.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Grrr, I'm hungry, I need to go home and cook lunch grrrr

I can't wait to see what you write about Istanbul.