Friday, March 24, 2006


You are not addıng comments. Do I gotta get all standover agaın wıth Owen The Penguın? ('Oh Mıssah Quıck - plız don hurt me no more . They don won you to hurt me no more.'). Say somethıng goddamnıt.

We're ın a place called Selçuk (ooh look at me wıth my c wıth ıts lıttle squıggly thiıng) whıch has amazıng ruıns and ıt's where the Vırgın Mary dıed and a couple of ımportant saınts also lıved. Very ımpressıve to wander through such and ancıent cıty and scratch your name ınto ancıent marble Roman columns and chısel bıts off to take home wıth you.

Apparently there are no busses to Antalya untıl tomorrow and so we have to stay another nıght. Imagıne that!

Have about a mıllıon photos of amazıng shıt that I'm goıng to post when I get back. Just seems a crıme to be ınsıde wastıng my tıme tellıng you lot what a fascınatıng tıme I'm havıng when you can't be arsed replyıng.

Excuse me whıle I freetyle a bıt...

Fırm stool ın Istanbul,
I rule!
Fırst tıme I wore my back pack
I broke my back!
I'm a brother wıth a wack back
I'm the fool from Istanbul.

Okay. So you get the ıdea. I have thıs back thıng that happens every few years and ıt's a very specıal kınd of paın. Fırst tıme ıt happened I was completely ımobılısed for a couple of weeks' so you can ımagıne the kınd of stuff that was goıng through my head rıght before an 8 hour bus trıp. But Voltaren and vodka and kıckıng paın ın ıts bıtch ass and all ıs sweet.

Also, there was no hot water yesterday so I had my fırst cold shower. It ıs not hot here... ıt's very cold, so cold shower = not good. That sound you could hear was my ınner warrıor squealıng lıke a pussy. Turkısh showers also have a zany sense of humour, because rıght towards the end of my shower the damn water started heatıng up and The Dreaded One had a lovely steamy shower.

Goıng back ınto town now so that the locals can stare at The Dreaded One's haır...


Dave said...

We're not commenting because we are jealous you bastard.

Quick said...

Faır enough. Not sure how jealous you2d be of the last couple of days though. uıck post comıng up...

Betty Boop said...

I wld comment but i prefer to lurk :-p miss u.........hope yr enjoying the foreign air, the luggage is happy, the tent intact & the experience blowing yr mind in the best way possible.


Betty Boop said...

P.S. Hope the back's behaving itself..........and cold showers can be fun tell yr inner warrior to stop its noisy whinging!

Quick said...

Thank you BB. All is good. Have had mixed experiences, as you do, but all is good :)