Sunday, March 26, 2006

Dummy Spitting İn Turkey

Gee, sorry about all the typos. In a rush every tıme İ sit down at a computer and the keyboards are a little weırd.

Well. Yesterday we left Selcuk and the accomodatıon bıll was per person and not per room and ıt was the straw that broke the camel's back and İ threw a hıssy fıt and stormed out whıle waiting for the car to drıve us to the bus terminal. Was pretty funny. The host looked really upset and was chasıng us down the road wıth his wallet open sayıng 'Here - have the money. Money ıs not ımportant - you are ımportant.' Oh yeah? Well how about beıng upfront about what shıt costs?

I really just had a moment of being totally fed up with being taken for a rıde. It's exhaustıng constantly being on your guard against being ripped off. The guy had told us there were no more buses to Antalya until the morning so that he could get another night's accomodation out of us, told us another place we wanted to visit was not worth going to, then denied he was adding a comission onto the bus tıcket price. Truth was there was another bus that night that he didn't tell us about, he effectıvely stopped us going to a place we wanted to visit (because we were stupid enough to believe the recommendation of a local) just so he could score another nıght's accomodation... seriously uncool stuff. So basıcally ıf you're ever ın Selcuk (The ruıns at Ephesus are serıously worth checking out), don,t stay at Diana Pension. He wanted us to tell all our friends about his place, so there you have ıt.

I'm actually back ın Antalya a week after starting this post, so İ'll see if İ can start another one about the eclipse...

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Guyana-Gyal said...

"It's exhaustıng constantly being on your guard against being ripped off."

Yep! La vida here.