Monday, March 13, 2006

Undies, Happy Goths & Dead Friends

Wow. Serious countdownage -The Dreaded One and I are flying out of Sydney on Friday for Turkey. For some reason, this made me go out and purchase almost $200 worth of underpants. I now have lots of underpants. Really nice ones. And I think it's perfectly normal behaviour, prior to flying halfway around the planet to experience three minutes of night time in the middle of the day, to buy lots of underpants.

What was weird about my day of underpants-shopping is that some goths were having a picnic in Hyde Park, and they were doing really random things, like playing with a ball and skipping with a skipping rope. I don't know about you, but that was the first time in my life I had ever seen a skipping goth. It was very odd.

Also odd... a good friend disappeared on me. She does this often, but this was for longer than usual, and I did what I do, which is to start to wonder if she was dead. She leads the kind of life where dead is not that remote a possibility. She knows about a million intersting people, some of them very interesting. She hadn't replied to any text messages or emails, so I assumed that she must be dead. But months after vanishing she called me up, and man was I happy to hear from her. The first thing she asked me, after how are you, was "Did you think I was dead?" I told her yes, but I didn't tell her that I actually googled her name to see if her death had been newsworthy.

I haven't got the full story yet, but she went to New Zealand and somehow also went all around the world - Honduras, Spain, LA... kind of person she is. I am very happy she is not dead. Hoping we catch up before I (love saying this bit) fly out to Turkey. And Spain. And the UK. And Bangkok. With lots of underpants.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

When my brother was a kid he used to stick his underpants up on a mopstick, raise it high and sing our national anthem.

Hmm, many underpants = united nations?