Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lords Of The Land

Out at the back of the shop there is a garage and a storage area. For some time now we have been sub-letting the garage to the white goods shop next door. Last week one of the strata management people made a rare appearance and asked why the shop next door was putting stuff in the garage. He seemed confused by the arrangement. Then this afternoon I got a call from the owner of the premises and it seems that neither the garage or the storage area have anything to do with the premises we are renting. Apparently both are comon areas for the tenants of the complex our premises are a small part of.

Effectively, we moved in, slapped a padlock on the storage area and claimed it as our own and rented out a garage that is not ours. Nice.

The white goods people are refusing to accept that the garage is not part of our tenancy. I think he had a go at the strata man too for interfering in stuff that has nothing to do with him, when in fact it has rather a lot to do with the strata man and not very much to do with white goods man. I wish he would pull his white goods out and his head in.

I bet we now have to pay all the money back to the strata people. That is gonna hurt a lot.

And it's pretty embarrassing. I vaguely recall when our business partner suggested renting the garage out there was some discussion about whether the garage was included in our rent or not. Should have checked up. Woopsie.


gin said...

nice work.

Quick said...

I know. Other partner said he'd rented the thing out and I said I didn't know we had a thing but good work, every bit counts. I've never even set foot in the garage bit. It's pretty funny. I just hope the strata people see the funny side... I'm thinking they probably won't.