Saturday, August 23, 2008

Me & The Boys

The girl has been away and I've been holed up boozin' and writin' Finished my short story called Leaving Ruben Jane. I think it's okay. Love and death and stuff. I think it's okay. I think.

It's just been me and the boys for the last few days. Nick, whose Ship Song is kind of what I'm aiming for in short story form... fucking hell he does love well; Tex, glowering bastard he is; and Tom. This clip is insane and brilliant. I hope he comes to Australia again. Just one more time please?

So just in case any of you were thinking that I'm nice and sensitive etc, get a hit of vintage Tom Waits. I love this track.

Right now I've got to go outside and smell a flower or look at a duck or something.


Lee said...

In case you are interested, the flower was a bit of a let down. But the duck with its inquisitive eyes... ah. The guitar string slipped around its throat nicely. It didn't suspect a thing.

Pure Gin! said...

we musta been thinking the same thing this weekend.

Pure Gin! said...

ha. I just read your reply to my last comment on your last post....!

Lee said...

Freaky. Seriously.

Found my Dandys CD too.

But seriously. Freaky.