Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stagger Lee Goes To The Shop

I'm tweaking my murder love story Leaving Ruben Jane, getting it ready for an upcoming competition. I've been distracted and kind of dark and brooding and murdery. Last song I heard before going to sleep last night was the previous post's Stagger Lee.

So the sun was shining in this morning when The Dreaded One made the coffee and told me that that was the last of the milk and we'd have to go to the shop to buy some more.

"Stagger Lee wouldn't go to the shop to buy milk," I replied, barely awake and not really considering that she'd never heard Stagger Lee. "He'd go to the shop, murder the shopkeeper and take the milk."

"Is that right?"

"Yeah. Stagger Lee would take, like, all the milk. Because he's a crazy motherfucker."


Miles McClagan said...

I'd only take milk if it was an Egg Flip Big M...

Lee said...

And Stagger Lee would put a dozen holes in your motherfuckin' head for takin' his milk, little m.

Kind of guy Mr Stagger Lee is.

Anonymous said...

Check out - more versions of Stagger Lee than you can stick a machete at.