Monday, November 10, 2008

Last Night

I don't know why last night got so drunk. I really don't know what it was thinking. Last night seemed to be in a very good mood. Last night was, apparently, feeling reckless and in the mood for sucking the nectar out of life.

I like good people. I like the ones you look at across a crowded room and you smile because they're cool and they're a friend. You know that feeling? When you look at another human and you think, thank you, I did bump into some good ones. Do you ever get that?

A good one turned up last night. Been away a while and it was great to catch up. I think that's why last night got carried away with itself.

Last night was happy.


MissKris said...

Hooray for happiness!

raybecca said...

you're such a sap

Lee said...

Indeed, Misskriss.

Indeed, Raybecca.

Sometimes I am happy and sappy.

(But I can roar like a Viking too.)

Kathryn said...

Those nights are the best. It's good to be happy. And sappy. Sometimes. ;)

Lee said...

I'm not actually sappy at all, Kat - Raybecca is just an astoundingly emotionless hard arse. (Between you and me, though, I think she enjoyed Sunday night a bit too).