Friday, November 21, 2008

A Woopsie At The God Botherers

Saw The God Botherers tonight. Wasn't sure about the first act although it had enough going for it. Good enough storyline even if it was similar to Damien Millar's recent couple of plays. Good acting. Some funny lines. That tap on your consciousness that snaps you out of the theatre and makes you think yeah, they're characters, but they're based on real people going through torment we theatre-goers are never really going to experience.

Review to come later. Just quickly though... a funny moment.

A point in the second act (by far superior to the first), the drama went up and the lights went down. Someone in the back rows started to applaud and I followed.

Far too hastily.

Because this was not the end of the play.

I got two hand claps in before realising my catastrophic faux pas. Girlfriend loved it. Cacked herself into the silence. I thought it was pretty funny too.

When the play was actually over and the lights went down properly and it was very obvious to everyone in the theatre that the play was very definitely over, I leaned over and told The Dreaded One, ""I'm not starting to clap until at least 30 other people have started."


Guyana-Gyal said...

Last night I went to a show and had to go past a row of seated people, guess whose blog post I remembered.

You know, you should gather together all your faux pas, etc. and put them together in one play.

Kathryn said...

Agreed with Guyana-Gyal. Would be a funny play and I'd go see it.

Lee said...

So the play would be called 'A Silly Dickhead Makes A Twat Of Himself... Again.'

Starring Lee as the silly dickhead who makes a twat of himself.

And my parents thought I'd never amount to anything.