Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jim Jeffries Review, Sydney Comedy Store

I wasn't sure if the mag was going to run my review of Jim Jeffries. I thought they'd at least asterisk a few words out because it's a bit, ahem, fruity. Bit sweary. Bit potty-mouthed. But totally in keeping with the show. Gawd bless 'em though, they're a bit rock 'n roll after all.

Anyway, click on the image to make big and read... but not if swear words make you cry.

Funny show and I'd write more about it here but this week's starting to freak out on me a little. I'm due in at work at 6am tomorrow morning and my very long chat with Warren Ellis has to be made into a 650 word story by Thursday and there's another one due on the same day


Y said...

Interesting. Is he very well known?

Kathryn said...

Good review. Thanks for not offending me. ;-)

Lee said...

Y - He's established himself overseas quite well, apparently. I think he has his own show on America's HBO. And it was a packed house the night I was there.

I can see why comparisons are being made between him and Lenny Bruce and Bill Hicks, but I also think those comparisons are a bit wrong. Yeah, he's politically incorrect (Jesus, will someone stab that phrase to death please), but Lenny and Bill were breaking new ground; in reality Jim is just running with the baton he's been handed. Still funny though.

Kat - I was really surprised they ran it. It's poo I only had 200 words but whatever. Unfortunately they cut out the bits about co-star Daniel Townes and MC Subby Valentine. They were also very funny.