Monday, March 09, 2009

The Removalists Review

Saw this last week. It was funny taking my seat in the theatre because the audience was such an old one. Right behind me a little old lady said to her little old husband, "These are good seats."

"Whaaat? he replied loudly.

"These are good seats."


"I said these are good seats, aren't they."


Fuck me, I thought, if he can't hear her what's going to happen during the play? It amused me, and once the play got underway they were quiet.

I was almost as amused when at a climactic point in the (very violent) play, someone boomed in a rasping voice the observation, "Ooh! He's killed him!" Said into the silence with the conviction of someone completely absorbed, it caused quite a few stifled giggles.

Good to see so many old people out and about. Mostly they enjoyed the play although looking around occasionally I think some of them weren't expecting the violence and they didn't seem to understand why so many in the audience were laughing.

Oh - this amused me too. I posted a photo of myself elsewhere on the interthing because it makes me look like a dangerous mo'fo', which in itself is funny. A friend left a comment saying "I LOVE your headshot more than I can express... but I always have had a thing for the unabomber."



Y said...

You've discovered time travel, haven't you? I can't help but think you've stumbled onto versions of yourselves, forty years from now.


Kathryn said...

Love, love, love the line: Like your humour black, no sugar? Perfect.

drodbar said...

I like old people doing their thing, in oblivious defiance of contemporary convention.

Lee said...

Ha, Miss Y, yes. That was The Dreaded One and me sitting behind me, just a bit older. Deaf twat I will be.

Kat - I love, love love feedback like that. Especially when it's genuine. I thank you.

Drodbar - I loved that there were so many older people there. I really fucking loved it. And yeah, sometimes theatre neighbours can bug the shit out of me with their clumsiness, but alone waiting for the play to start, I was smiling to myself. Pretty cool bunch of people.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yep yep yep, as Drodbar says.

I hang out with some elderly here, and they're just so cool, so entertaining.