Thursday, March 12, 2009

Reviews: Tattoo, and Late Night Lounge (And A Non-Mancrush)

Couple of brief theatre reviews. Very different productions. Tattoo was unsettling, Late Night Lounge at The Opera House was just a lot of fun. Not sure why I was asked to keep that one to 200 words, but that was the brief.

Off to see Lady Windermere's Fan tomorrow night at Darlinghurst Theatre.

Oh and last night I watched the movie Step Brothers. I giggled like a fool through the whole thing. I haven't read what the critics are saying but I suspect some probably think it's a bit infantile. Me no care. It is a very, very silly movie, the running joke of 40 year olds Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly acting like a couple of kids just didn't wear thin with me. Writing and acting nailed it. There's not nearly enough of this kind of silly on our screens. When it's done well, it's the best.

And there was a little bit of heart in it too, a nice dollop of optimism.

Alsotooaswell... check my Unabomber mugshot. Makes me laugh. I'd be scared of me. The very cool BVV at farrangirl pondered whether my skinheaded hirsute look wasn't in fact a subconscious desire to look like musician Paulmac. Oh ha-fucking-ha.

The joke here is that a looong time ago when we were both editors of a dance music mag, she was over at my place for dinner and I mentioned that I had just bumped into Paulmac in an elevator in another friend's building. We had chatted a bit because I think a few nights earlier he had made some really funny comments at a music awards night I was at. There was something about a broken trophy too. Anyway, I must have appeared untypically excited about the elevator encounter because BVV was all, "Oooh... Lee's got a mancrush on Paulmac."

Goddamn people with good memories.


Y said...

Argh you look scary! ;)

Lee said...

Ha ha. Look scary, am soft.