Thursday, March 05, 2009

I Loved You Yesterday

I loved you yesterday
When you weren’t expecting it
You didn’t even know
I was watching you
Didn’t know
I was thinking about you.

And truth is
I wasn’t expecting it either
But in those moments
Buried under countless other
Millions of moments
I loved you yesterday.

All over again.


Anonymous said...

Nice one.

Lee said...

Is that the least philosophical comment you've ever made, Drodbar?

Thank you. I also call the poem Ode To An Unopened Bottle Of Vodka.

isabelle said...

ah lovely....

and then I saw your alternative title ....

and here's me thinking romantically ( on your behalf) of the Dreaded One....

Lee said...

Your romantic thinking was correct, Isabelle. My alternative title was a jokey afterthought, because I am a jokey afterthought kind of guy.

Pure Gin! said... sweet...