Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Furious Wanking

What a spectacular ass I am. A friend read Remebering Argos at litvision ( you will enjoy it, I promise. Tell me otherwise. I dare you) and said he liked it... as well as the blog. I hadn't told him about my blog. I puzzled over this for a bit before realising that I had included a link to here in my litvision bio. Ahahaha... really funny because I have told a few people from work about the short story even though I didn't want anyone from work to read anything I write here because I moan a lot about work-related stuff. A couple of them have mentioned the story but not this blog. Do you reckon they might be being polite?

Could be worse. I mean, who doesn't daydream about quitting their job? At least I haven't gone into detail about how much I enjoy sneaking off into the storeroom for the occasional furious wank whilst singing Ave Maria.... now that would be embarrassing.

Oh yeah, I love italics.

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