Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nice Guys Finish Fast

Been a hectic couple of days.

Wednesday night I left work to head straight to see a play called Nice Guys Finish Fast. I didn't think to get the address of The Cypt theatre because it's beneath The Cat & Fiddle hotel, which for some reason I assumed I had been to. Of course I have never been there. GF said, "At least check the street directory so we can at least get to the suburb." I said we don't need the street directory, and something about my awesome sense of direction, how it's almost supernatural and that I'm like a homing pigeon. Big mistake. I got us pretty lost. Turns out that when I said take a left here and she said are you sure because I thought it was straight ahead, we should have gone straight ahead. We started talking in that snippy tone you get when such things happen. We are both a little stressed at the moment. We eventually made it to the right suburb, found the Cat & Fiddle, found a parking spot and got out of the car... to find that the parking spot was in fact someone's driveway. When we tried to move the car was when the battery finally gave up. I had been saying for weeks that it really didn't sound well, but when the car had gone in for a service the guy said the battery was fine. He is a nob.

Anyway, we went to the pub. Had wine and talked because GF has been made redundant. Completely crap circumstances and totally unjustified, but hell, what do you do but take it on the chin and get on with shit?

The play was weird and the air in the tiny theatre smelled like feet. It was sketch comedy, some of it quite funny, just not as funny as some of the others thought. They said dick cheese a lot. I think one dick cheese joke in one night is more than enough.

Afterwards, it took ages for the NRMA to arrive, it rained, we had peanuts for dinner because it was too late when we made it home to bother with real food. It could have been a horrid night, but I wrote a letter to the editor (me) about it in another voice and exagerated, and it's a piss funny letter that a lot of people will laugh at.

Went to an opening night last night and it was a thoroughly average play that made me think; I'm sure I could do better. May give it a go sometime.

I am taking next week off work. Wonder if I can find another job in that time. Or write a play. Hmm.

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