Saturday, October 22, 2005

Mannequin Man

Today is the first Saturday I have worked in our shop. Usually I only work in here on Mondays, one of our quietest days of the week. Traditionally Saturdays are our busiest days. Typical, then, that today should be one of our quietest Saturdays on record. How bad does that make me look? I've smiled and been friendly and chatty and doing that small talk thing, there are just few people around... It's just a shitty coincidence, I swear.

I have discovered that I have quite a flare for dressing the mannequins. I have coordinated them perfectly, and already people are stopping to look at the new outfits. I enjoyed dressing the mannequins quite a lot more than I thought I would... In fact out of changing the tyre last week and dressing the shop mannequins I think I enjoyed the latter more, as much fun as the tyre-changing was. Not something I should admit to, I guess. It's a bit like playing with dolls really.

Also, I think my talent for dressing the mannequins is ironic given how indecisive I am when it comes to deciding on my own outfit.

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