Friday, November 10, 2006

Blue Steel

I am now the proud owner of a security pass giving me access to all areas backstage at The Sydney Opera House. I have been "inducted", which means I sat there pretending to listen to a well-meaning guy tell me procedures in case of emergency etc while I kept silently chanting "Shut up. Take my photo. I want my card. Shut up. Take my photo. I want my card."

Eventually he shut up and they got to the real business. Got my pass and fuck me the photo is hilarious. I swear I was just sitting there being normal, but what has come out is what can only be described as a "drop shouldered, three quarter turn, one eye brow raised, I'm a smamrmy fucker, total Blue Steel."

But I'm part of this amazing chef team now. How things change. I am enjoying this job a lot.

Saw a great show last night featuring Gotye live that I will tell you about later. And tomorrow I have a phone interview I have to do through the fuzz of a hangover with the totally gorgeous and amazingly talented Inga Liljestrom. Google her if you don't know about her. Such levels of creativity kind of intimidate me, but hopelessly fascinate me too, and I am looking forward to talking to her.

The funny thing about the previous para is that I have just arrived home from work and I am not drunk. Not yet, apparently.


guyana-gyal said...

Does this mean you're a real chef and a pretend writer? Nah, never.

Been catching up on your posts. Your life fascinates me, mine is so staid.

Quick said...

I've always felt like a pretend writer. Maybe less so as time goes on.

Your life is rich, GG. It's in the colourful way you choose to see ordinary things. And you have a rich family life. That never fails to move me.