Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Ring

Three school girls walk into the shop, maybe 10 years old, probably younger. They are serious. They are here to do business. They home in on the kandy section. They check a few prices out. The one doing the buying, she has $2 to spend.

"Look - buy him this one," one of the friends says, picking up a bracelet.

"It's a bit girly. He's a boy's boy."

"Yeah. Anyway, it's $4."

"What about these ones? They're nice. 'Scuse me. How much are these ones?"

"They're $10," I reply apologetically. Their joint disappointment just about kills me because they are taking this so seriously.

"I really want to get him something he can wear."

"What about this," says one of the friends, picking up a jelly smiley ring. "This is cool." They examine the soft plastic ring without discovering its hidden secret.

"These are very cool," I tell them, picking up another one. "They flash." I squeeze the ring and the smiley ring starts flashing like crazy.

"Whoa!" all three of them marvel. "That is so cool!"

Then the big question. "How much is it?"

"$2.50," I tell her.

"Oh. I only have $2."

I consider giving it to her for $2, but one of the friends speaks up.

"I have 50 cents you can borrow," she says, fishing the coin from her pocket. There are smiles all around.

"He' going to think I'm craaazy giving him a flashing smiley ring."

"I want a flashing smiley ring."

"Me too."

They thank me and leave the store, earnestly discussing the terms and conditions of the loan.

I'm not into kids at all, but seriously, how can you not carry around an inner smile after seeing that? Melted my heart, it did.


gin said...

that's so cute.

Also, it's nice to hear that not all 10-year-olds these days have unrestrained access to mommy & daddy's platinum amex...

Bird said...

ahahhahahahahahahhahaaaa, Quick is a big gay poof

Margarita Milongita said...

It's nice to hear 10 year old girls sounding like 10 year old girls...Cute story Lee!

Quick said...

It was cute Gin. I was smiling as they left the shop.

Water off a penguin's back, Bird. (Why didn't you link back to your site?).

They were lovely, MM. Don't like 'em as a rule, but these little dudettes were cute.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Go on, admit it, you adore children :-)

When I was 10 I was fed up with boys. After two brothers and their tons of friends, what else can a 10-year old gal be?

Quick said...

Truly don't adore them, GG. I do appreciate good human moments though. These little humans were quite sweet.