Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Super Friends

No time to scratch myself. In the middle of a 70 plus working week, doing 14 days straight and probably heading straight into more of the same. Still, it's all so varied and hours are all over the place that a lot of it doesn't feel like work. I mean, telephone interviews and writing stories? I love it. The food bit is chewing up (sorry) most of the hours though (60 hours... what the fuck?), and that does feel a little like work. Bloody hard work. But I'm feeling more energised, not less, and I'm trying to fit a theatre night in for a review as well. This is not at all like the impression I have of me. I'm supposed to be a lazy dreamer.

Just banged this column out for the good people at Tsunami mag. It's all I have time to blog right now.


Hitherto unknown levels of intoxication were rapidly setting in. We’d been talking for hours, but I doubt that any of us could remember the beginning of the conversation we were currently throwing ourselves into. Then someone had the brilliant idea of starting a whole new conversation. Or maybe it was just the beginning of the same one we’d been having for the last three hours. Who Knows? It all sounded new anyway, and that was good enough. “Hey,” they said as though The Truth Of How Shit Works had just been revealed to them and they were about to pass this amazing knowledge on to the rest of us. “If you were, like, a superhero, who would you be?” Oh man, this was too good. This was going to reveal something about each of our personalities the others hadn’t known. Like if I said Wonderwoman (because of the invisible plane)... no wait on – I’d always wanted to be Thor. Well not always. Not all the time. It’s not like when I suspected the cab driver of taking the long way to home I sat there thinking, “Now what would Thor do in a situation like this?” Wonderwoman... Thor... maybe I would wait and see what the others were going to say first. The original speaker went on, “Because if I was a superhero, I’d be Infrastructure Woman.” Bamboozled silence from the others, maniacal laughter from me, someone who had once invented a superhero called Dog Pooh Avoidance Man, inspired by my apparent supernatural ability to never step in dog pooh. (Someone actually left that meeting and spent weeks drawing cartoons of Dog Pooh Avoidance Man). When I stopped laughing I said I wanted to be Macroeconomics Man. “That’s so stupid,” someone else said. “What would Macroeconomics Man’s superpowers be?” I told them he would bore the bad guys to death by explaining macroeconomics to them. Someone asked me what macroeconomics was. “Erm... you know how you have microeconomics? Well, macroeconomics is the same, but a LOT bigger.” They nodded like it made perfect sense. Infrastructure Woman pointed at my girlfriend, whose name is Ann, and said, “And you! You can be Super Annuation!” I laughed so hard I thought my ears were going to fall off. Someone wanted to know if there were any economics in between the micro and macro ones, Ann really wasn’t happy about being Super Annuation, and me? Well I was just happy to be surrounded by good friends and intelligent conversation.


guyana-gyal said...

I'm waiting for the plumber. I hope the neighbours can't hear me LAUGHING SO DARN LOUD! And I'm not even tipsy.

guyana-gyal said...

Super Loudmouth, me.