Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Office

Busy busy busy. No time to blog. But this big pointy building is my office. When I am not being a food dude, I am often there to review theatre. I find this very amusing. I never could have imagined that this would happen. Life can take such unexpected turns. I mean, I used to stare at that building when I was a kid sitting in the back seat of a car as we drove across the bridge from the southern to the northern suburbs to visit distant family, and I probably went there for a school excursion, and yeah I even went there a few times to see theatre in the days when I had to pay for tickets, but never could it have occured to me that one day I would be working there, both in hospitality and as a theatre reviewer.

Each day thousands of tourists come here, and it's quite humbling to think that they all come to have their photos taken simply because I work there.

"This is it," I imagine them whispering in awed tones. "This is the place Quick works at. Please take a photo of me standing in front of it."

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