Thursday, January 18, 2007


Back. Tanned. Tired. Story ideas still keep blooming in my mind. Still feel like I'm driving. Covered about 3,700km for two parties. If I had my way I'd be adding another 2 - 3,000 on to take in Rainbow Serpent next week as well. But I don't have my way. There's a treadmill to jump on, even though I just wanna be a gypsy. Maybe one day I'll ditch this treadmill thing.

Back with more tomorrow when I am more coherent... then again I have a real world to get back to as well as ideas for a novel, a short story collection and a children's book to get on with.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Was this the party you weren't sure about going to?

It sure brought back your writing zing. Good for you, Lee.

Quick said...

Wasn't sure about going to it last year, went, went again this year, will be back next year.

Writing - way I feel right now I need two extra sets of fingers and a couple more heads to get everything done. I need to morph into a kind of writing monster.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I couldn't wait for you to find that Orhan Pamuk article, I just knew you'd like it :-)

Quick said...

It was so good. I liked that he didn't tell us more about the contents of the suitcase and what he thought about it. Even though it was a true story, it had a very literary quality about it. I really did find his relationship with his father incredibly moving... even though I'm as hard as rocks :)