Friday, January 26, 2007


Spectacular. Easing myself back onto the treadmill. Accepted my first story for 2007 for one of the mags I write for. Did a phone interview. Commenced chat by joking to the interviewee about my head still being on holiday and gosh I hope I remember how to work the recorder. Had a lovely, lengthy chat. Hung up the phone. Checked recorder. Can you guess what happened next?


Viki said...

The recorder exploded in your hands?

You realized it wasn't a recorder, it was a pack of cigarettes?

A little cartoon mouth appeared on it, and the little cartoon mouth said, "Shoulda pressed play, sucka!"

I find these little guessing games to be the cheapest form of reader-baiting. Honestly.

Quick said...

It sounded less rhetorical than it was meant to. I don't really think very much about most of these posts. Perhaps I should have said I think you can guess what happened next.

Viki said...

I hope my sarcasm was evident. If not, I'll add that stupid /sarcasm thing people do when they aren't capable of portraying sarcasm in written form. Which I may or may not have been successful at doing. Nevermind.

Quick said...

Um... I dunno. I felt like I'd been rapped over the knuckles for being cheap and tacky, so I guess I didn't pick up on the sarcasm. But then I can be a bit thick.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I can be a bit thick. I'm thinking the tape didn't work.

Quick said...

Point wasn't really how I fucked up but that after joking about fucking up, I fucked up.

For the record, I told the interviewee that the tape ran out and can we do the interview again via email. I'd actually put the mic jack in the earphone part so that when I hit record the recorder just recorded ambient sound (it has to be outside the study for various reasons). Got some lovely sounds of dogs barking and Currawongs warbling.