Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Comatose With Desire.

Check this out. Go to the bit about the latest review. It's mine. No others. Just mine. Me.

But it gets better. I wrote to the divine Miss MM and mentioned that I am thinking about writing a song dedicated to her called Comatose With Desire. This is her reply:

"My dear, sorry I have been so slow to write back! Your review is divine, and simply had to go up there! Thank you!

Can you hurry up with "Comatose With Desire?" - I could premiere it in NY for the David Bowie gig!!!! Get cracking!


Right. So. I'm going to write a really really bad love song for the wonderful Meow Meow for her to perform at her David Bowie gig in New York. And I know I just repeated everything she just said in her email, but holy crap! How about that? How funny is that?

The spooky part is that I am a massive Bowie fan from way back and just yesterday before knowing that she was playing with Bowie I put on one of his comps for the first time in aaaaages. Sang my fool head off to Golden Years, Fame, Heroes etc. I would love to be in New York for that gig.

Have to go now. I have a song to work on. Lalalalalalaaaa...


Pure Gin! said...


Quick said...

Tell me about it.

I think what will happen is I'll write something really retarded and it will be funny when I post it here and Meow Meow and David Bowie will never hear of it and thus never hold it against me.

(Except when I do write it I will send it to her, so who knows?)

Quick said...

Also, Laurie Anderson is playing at the same festival. Fucking hell.

Geoffrey said...

You go Quick! As my great mentor Kerry Packer used to say: "Don't complain. Don't explain."

May I be so bold as to add: make the time. Maybe, just maybe, you've got the big call we all dream of.

How wonderful!

Kathryn said...

Very impressive. Remember the little people, yeah?

Oh, and good luck!

Quick said...

Thanks guys. Truth is, I dunno. I think I need to get really scootered with pen and paper and see what happens.

It's no big call. Just maybe a bit of fun silliness.

And fun and silliness is the whole point.

Pure Gin! said...

can you incorporate my phone number into the lyrics, so bowie can call me next time he's in Melbourne and we can do coffee?